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Summary: Love comes at strange times and in Unfamilliar Places,but for Gabe and William, it's so much more
Rating: R
POV: 3rd Person
Pairing: Gabilliam
Disclaimer: You should know these boys are too amazing to make up...
Notes: Originally written as a comission for LolitaButterfly

Taking ChancesCollapse )

Brendon Urie is My Lover

Quick Wit Lips Just Rip Me Apart Sometimes...

You guys can pretend all you want, but Brendon Urie is mine <3
and I have the pictures to prove it!

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Rydon: Totally in Fondness

Summary: As always, there will be friends that have chances at becoming "more than friends" but what happens when said friend has a deep, dark secret?
Rating: NC-17
POV: 3rd Person 
Pairing: Rydon
Disclaimer: You should know these boys are too amazing to make up... 
Notes: There's alot going on in here! Haha, I've had comments on this saying: "Dude, too much stuff in one fiction!" So you tell
me, is it too much? 


Ryan smiled from behind white sunglasses. He turned to Brendon "you were singing in the shower again" he said as the vocalist came from their room through the sliding glass door.
Brendon chuckled. "Was I now? You think I’m good enough to be in a band?"
Ryan peeked over his sunnies "Naw... it kinda sucked."
Brendon fake pouted "but I WANNA be a rock star!" he stamped his foot on the wooden deck floor.
"Too bad" Ryan shook his head

Brendon sat on the patio chair at Ryan’s feet "I...uh...found something in your drawer"
Ryan looked up from his novel, cheeks tinting pink "w-what? Why were you going through my drawers?" he felt a little violated
"I wanted to see if you had any razors... I was getting a beard again" Brendon mumbled
"Wait, what drawer was this?" Ryan asked "the bathroom one?" there wasn’t anything secret in there
"No, the top one of your dresser" Brendon said, embarrassed
Ryan threw the Nora Roberts book at Brendon "WHAT?!?"
"I’m sorry... can we just forget about this?" Brendon asked
"NO!!" Ryan screeched "GO THE FUCK HOME!!!"

Brendon stood slowly "I won’t tell anyone about it..."
"I DON’T CARE!! TELL EVERYBODY!!" Ryan screamed
"No… Ryan... I have stuff like that too..."
"I was looking for razors..."
"Ryan... why are you so mad about this? Everyone has needs..." he grabbed Ryan’s chin "I have needs... Spencer & Jon do too..."
Ryan refused to look Brendon in the eye "just go home" he grumbled
"No." Brendon said firmly. "I need to tell ask you something..."
"What?" Ryan murmured, his cheeks starting to return to normal color
"Do you think about me? When you use it?"
"WHAT?!?! NO!!!" Ryan screeched, burying his head in his pillow
Brendon looked hurt. "I think about you"
Ryan’s brown orbs peeped up from under the pillow. "Uhm...why?"
"Because you're pretty... and you're funny... and you're smart... I really really like you" Brendon admitted, sheepishly.
Ryan removed the pillow from his face and pounced on Brendon, showering his face in kisses.

Brendon blushed, shocked. He eagerly kissed Ryan back.
"I think about you every time" Ryan whispered in Brendon’s ear "I just need it so bad sometimes... especially after a show..." he let his chestnut hair fall in his eyes
"Me too" Brendon mumbled
Ryan pressed his face down on Brendon’s. They kissed for what seemed like hours. "I never knew you liked boys" Ryan whispered when the kiss ended
"Yah," Brendon said "only one"
Ryan let out a giggle "who's that?"
Brendon tapped the tip of Ryan’s nose "you"
They both laughed.
Ryan got up and went to his dresser. He pulled open the top drawer and grabbed the object of both their embarrassment. He blushed a bit.
Brendon propped himself up on his elbows. "It’s pretty big" he said, wondering if Ryan would be disappointed if they ever...
"Yah" Ryan mumbled.
"Can I see it?" Brendon asked
Ryan handed it over.
"It’s not everyday you get to touch the love of your life's vibrator" he mumbled
"It could be" Ryan whispered.

Brendon looked up at him.
"Every day..." he repeated "you and me?"
Brendon nodded
Ryan smiled. He sat on the bed next to Brendon.
Brendon turned the toy on. It started moving violently in his hand.
An involuntary sound came from Ryan’s throat. He let out a ragged breath.
"Is this your setting?" Brendon asked, the dick shaped device jerking around in his palm. He was a little scared by its intensity
"No..." Ryan turned the switch at the bottom. It moved a lot slower & smoother, *this* was his setting.
Brendon smiled. He was holding Ryan’s pleasure in his hand, so to speak. "Have you ever tried all the way up to six?" he asked

Ryan giggled "no...It looks dangerous..."
Brendon laughed "what setting do you think mine is?"
"YOUR vibrator?!?!?!!?" Ryan shrieked
"No! My cock!" he chuckled "I don’t have a vibe..."
"Oh!" Ryan laughed "I was about to say!" he tapped his chin "I bet you're about a two when you're gentle and a four when you're rough" he said. Those were the ones he'd been using.
"Do you scream?" Brendon asked
"Sometimes... when I turn it up to five"
"Who do you think about when it's five?" Brendon asked, a little jealous. Probably Pete.

"You…” Ryan mumbled "when I really need it... when I *have* to have an insane orgasm. When I just know it's gonna be good"
"Why not all the time?" Brendon asked
Ryan pushed Brendon back on the bed. "Because sometimes the fantasies are just better... sometimes you just seem so hot to me... even hotter than normal..." he ran his hands up Brendon’s shirt "like now..."
Brendon let out a little moan. He’d never seen horny Ryan before. He liked it. A lot.
Ryan kissed Brendon again, his tongue running along the inside of Brendon’s full bottom lip. "Mhmm" he whined, unzipping Brendon’s jeans, a sexy little look in his eye.
Brendon’s eyes wide grew wide. This was real??

Ryan slid his hand in through the opening of Brendon’s jeans and into his boxers. He trailed his fingertips along Brendon’s length. He could feel the blood pumping through his new boyfriend’s member. “Show me how you touch it…” he purred, pulling it through the opening.
Brendon placed a shaky hand over his cock and pumped himself slowly. He gently raised his hips up with his rhythm. “Show me yours” he said, still moving his hand on himself

Ryan smirked and took his pants off slowly to tease Brendon. He climbed over Brendon in his undies, giggling uncontrollably.
Brendon palmed him through the cotton. He moaned instantly and pushed himself against the vocalist’s hand. “Hold on!!” he giggled, reaching for the lube in the bedside table. He popped open the bottle and poured it into Brendon’s hand “put it on me” he demanded
Brendon slid his slippery hand into Ryan’s underwear. He rubbed the lube against Ryan’s hole, getting more and more excited.
Ryan gasped when he felt fingers inside him. He arched his back around them, loving the sting and how strange it felt.

Brendon pulled the undies from Ryan, pleased to be finally seeing Ryan naked. “Wow…” he whispered “y-you’re so pretty…”

Ryan smiled “thank you…” he panted, grabbing the vibe off the bed. He steadied himself & pushed the toy inside him. “Uhh… Brendon!” he moaned, his voice breaking.
Brendon’s eyes grew wide, Ryan was moaning for him!!
Ryan slowly pulled the vibe in and out, teasing himself. He pushed it back inside himself, arching his back. “T-turn it on…” he breathed in a gaspy whisper.
Brendon clicked the switch on the bottom of the vibe up to speed two.
Ryan’s eyes squeezed shut, and then he realized he didn’t have to imagine Brendon was there. “You’re being gentle?” he asked, pumping Brendon at that same, slow pace.
Without warning, Brendon clicked it up to six.

Ryan screamed, unwillingly tightening his grip on the vocalist’s cock. He came violently on Brendon’s stomach.
Brendon moaned as Ryan squeezed him.
“God!” Ryan panted, eyes half closed, big smile spread over his face. “Are you trying to kill me?”
“Did it hurt?” Brendon sat up, scooting back towards the pillows
“It hurt a little” Ryan shrugged, “mostly I was just surprised” he smiled and kissed Brendon softly.
Brendon smiled back, gently pulling on the vibe inside Ryan. He pulled it out achingly slow, teasing both himself and the tiny guitarist. He rolled Ryan over and shoved himself inside. Ryan giggled, rocking his hips for Brendon. He stuck his thumb in his mouth like a child.

Brendon moaned, instantly shaking. He’d only fucked once before… but with a girl. This was different. This was better. He was finally with the boy he loved. He touched Ryan’s arm “how many people did you have before me?” he panted

Ryan looked a bit dazed “um…lots, why?” he suddenly felt attacked
Brendon paused “I just wanted to know, that’s all…”
Ryan cocked his head “why does it matter at this exact moment? You afraid you’re gonna catch something?”
“Is there something for me to catch?”
Ryan looked hurt “oh.” he said, lips curling into a snarl “I get what you’re saying now…you’re trying to say you’re too good for me?”
“n-no Ryan, I didn’t mean it that way”
“Then how did you mean it Brendon? Were you just casually wondering if I had any STDs? It just popped into your head mid-fuck? Oh, how polite”
“I-it’s just you’ve been with a lot of people…and…”
“And what?!?” Ryan growled “because I lost my virginity at thirteen, I’m a bad person?”
“Then what?!?” Ryan snarled “then why are you so inclined to hear a list of my partners?”
“I WAS JUST CURIOUS!” Brendon growled, pulling himself away.
He left Ryan on the bed, empty and alone. Once Brendon was gone, Ryan curled himself into a ball and started to cry. His whole world was splitting in two.

He got out his phone and called Spencer. “Yah, Ryan?” Spencer asked. Ryan let out a small squeak. “I’ll be right over” Spencer said.


“It’s just like every other relationship I’ve had” Ryan sniffled “they always want to know who I’ve been with before”
“Why can’t you just tell them?” Spencer asked
“Cause I can’t, Spee!” he looked away, hoping Spencer wouldn’t get what was going on
“Are you protecting someone?” Spencer asked “is that why?”
Ryan burst into tears.
Spencer rubbed his back gently “just go to sleep and you’ll forget all about it, ok?”
“I-I can’t…” Ryan sniffled “I can’t forget about my dad”
Spencer’s brow crinkled “what are you talking about, Ryan?”

Ryan took a big breath. He figured he could tell Spencer. He was so caring and understanding. He could handle just about anything Ryan threw at him. “You know how my dad used to get drunk a lot?”
Spencer nodded.
“One night, he’d just finished his scotch and I heard him coming upstairs. I pretended like I was asleep, because sometimes he checked. He came in my room and I shut my eyes hard. Then he woke me up and carried me into his room. I didn’t know what was going on. I was scared. I thought he was going to hurt me, but he just put me down on the bed…”

Spencer listened faithfully, still stroking circles on Ryan’s back.

“He kissed me on the lips and called me my mom’s name. He told me how pretty I was and how I shouldn’t have left him…he said he loved me… then he started taking off my pajamas. And he touched me. I-I liked it, Spencer… he’d never shown me any affection before, but I knew it didn’t belong to me. But kids can pretend, right? So there I was, in bed with my father, pretending that he loved me. Pretending I was my mother. He told me I was sexy. Nobody had ever told me that before. I liked being told that. I liked having something to be proud of myself for. Then he reached inside the bedside table and started showing me new things. He lubed me up and stuck his cock inside me. It hurt. Really really bad. But I wanted it to. I bled on his sheets, and I deserved it. I deserved to hurt for being so horrible that even my own father didn’t love me…Then it started feeling good. Better than anything I’d ever felt before. And he touched me again. I started getting the hang of it. I moved with him. He told me over and over that he loved me. He said it right in my ear when he kissed my neck. I realized that *this* was what everyone was talking about. The kids on the bus, the guys in the locker room. They’d done it before, and now I was doing it too.”

Spencer’s eyes held pain “I’m sorry, Ryan… I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’m sorry he did this to you…”

Ryan curled into Spencer’s arms “I didn’t regret it for the longest time. I was proud of myself. I knew how to make my dad love me. I knew how to give him what every man wanted. I needed to please him. I needed his acceptance. I wished that he would wake up in the morning and love me as much as he did the past night. And after awhile it didn’t hurt at the beginning. It would just feel good the moment he started. I came to the point when I needed to feel cum between my legs so bad it drove me crazy. That’s when I got my first boyfriend…”

“Jeremy…” Spencer said. “I remember him”

Ryan nodded “and my dad caught us one time… and after Jeremy went home, my dad beat the shit out of me. He said he was so ashamed of me. He said I wasn’t his son anymore. He’d never have a sissy living under his roof…”

“…he kicked you out and you came to live with me for a few weeks” Spencer said “and you and Jeremy got back together…” he kissed the top of Ryan’s head. “We used to have sleepovers, remember? Just you and me?”

“Yah” Ryan laughed “we would stay up for hours just laughing about stupid shit”

Spencer smiled. “I loved those times, when you weren’t getting hurt, and we’d just hang out. I had a crush on you for like a month… I was kind of jealous of you and J. I wanted to have what you guys had.”

Ryan smiled “and now you do… with Jon… and you haven’t told me how he is in bed yet.”
“He’s not.” Spencer laughed “we haven’t yet…”
Ryan giggled “really?!?”
Spencer shook his head.
“SPEE!” Ryan giggled “GO! Do it now!”
“We’re waiting till marriage” Spencer said, chuckling at Ryan’s enthusiasm “how was Brendon?”
“Good, before he left” Ryan said, sad face returning.
“He’ll be back” Spencer said “they always come back for you”
Ryan climbed over Spencer, pinning him down “have you given him head?”
Spencer blushed. “No”
“GAH, SPEE! You’re soooo boring!!!”

“Well I don’t fuck everything with legs, like you do…” the moment those words left Spencer’s lips he wanted them back. “I…I didn’t mean that, Ryan, I’m sorry…”

Ryan glared and got off Spencer’s tummy. “You’re such a BITCH!” he growled. “I hope you and Jon break up! I bet he only wants to wait for marriage because he‘s hoping you‘ll lose weight!”

Spencer gasped and slapped Ryan across the face “I’d rather have a few extra pounds then have sex with my father!”

“At least *my* father was good looking!” Ryan screamed
“But mine actually loved me!” Spencer growled

Ryan pounced off the bed and tackled Spencer, taking him to the floor. He punched the drummer repeatedly in the stomach.

“STOP!” someone yelled, making them both look up. Brendon was standing in the doorframe, looking a little shocked.

“Ryan lost his virginity to his father!” Spencer spewed.

Ryan took one look at Brendon’s face and ran to the bathroom, locking himself inside. He heaved, body forced forward. He tried to throw up, but couldn’t. His body and brain weren’t working together. He burst into tears, hating how his best friend had spilled his darkest secret, five minutes after it was told.

There was a knock at the door.

“Go away!” Ryan growled.
“Ryan, it’s me… Spencer’s gone”
“No!” Ryan snarled “I don’t wanna talk to anyone.”
“Why? I’m sure what he said isn’t true…”


“R-Ryan… it isn’t true is it?”

A horrible sound broke the silence. Stopped it altogether, shattered it, ripping it to shreds.

Sobs. Scared, heartbroken sobs. Cries that could only come from someone who’d had a tragic childhood. Someone who’d seen their heart ripped out and trampled upon. Someone who only wanted his father to love him.

“Ryan… its okay…”

“No it’s not!” Ryan sniffled “it’s not okay, just go ahead and say it. I’m a twisted freak…”

“No, Ryan, you’re not, you’re beautiful and you’ve just had a couple of bad experiences. I know I can’t take all the pain away, but I can try. Ever since I met you, I’ve wanted to be with you. I love you...”

“I’ve not met a single person that has said that and actually meant it” Ryan said, muffled from behind the door.

“I want to show you that I mean it” Brendon said “if you’ll open the door…”

Ryan stood slowly and opened the door. He was met by Brendon, who instantly wrapped him in a hug. “I’m sorry, Ryan…” he whispered, stroking the thin boy’s back.

Ryan looked up at Brendon “can we wait to say love until we’re absolutely certain?”

“Of course” Brendon smiled. “For the record, I’m very very fond of you”

“That’s us, totally in fondness” Ryan whispered.

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